👋 CLOSING DOWN - 30th April (See below)
👋 CLOSING DOWN - 30th April (See below)
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The Orchard - Rising to the Challenge

Who Are We?

We're a business which has been running for over 20 years, serving wholesale customers across London and the South East.

Our main clients are restaurants, events and schools. As you can imagine, this means our business had been hit hard by the economic impact of the CORVID-19 virus.

Why Are We Selling Online?

We're a family business. We've worked tirelessly to build a business which can not only provide outstanding service to our customer, but provide employment to a dedicate team of employees.

That business in now in very real threat of collapse, so we're having to rapidly adjust as best we can to keep things going.

We know we're not the only ones out there in this position; but we firmly believe that the best way for all of us is to work together.

What Are We Selling?

Our core business has been supplying the very best fresh produce to our clients. If you live in the area we cover, it's highly likely that you've eaten at a restaurant we've supplied!

We now want to try and bring the same produce to you. So we will be selling fruit and veg boxes for home delivery.

At first, these will contain a standard mix of items. There will be 2 sizes of box; Regular and Large. 

Check out our products page to see the "usual" contents. But please be aware, given the supply situation we may have to make substitution at the last minute. Don't worry though; you'll not be left short!

Can I Specify What's In the Box?

We don't yet have the IT skills to put together a completely custom offering.

In addition, given how difficult the supply situation is and will become, we wouldn't want to promise something which we couldn't deliver. That's not our way.

Where Do We Deliver?

Our operation is based in Hounslow, at the Western International Market. So we're well placed for deliveries within a reasonable distance.

As we start this service, we're going to have to find our way. To begin with, if you're in one of the following areas, we'll do our very best to serve you.

Please check out out Delivery Info page for all the details.

If for any reason we you order and we can't deliver. We'll let you know a.s.a.p. and immediately refund your payment.

That's it for now. We really hope you can support us at this difficult time. In return, we'll support you and your families to ensure that we all make it through this challenge.

Robert and the Team.