Firstly, I'd like to say a huge thank you for everyone who has supported us. ❤️

These are really challenging times for us all. So your patience and kindness is really, really appreciated.

We're still finding our feet with the whole home delivery process - again, please bare with us. We will get through this together.

A number of people have had a few questions, so I wanted to answer them here. We're trying to answer all emails, but there aren't many of us, so check the list below first.

Here goes...


You're always Sold Out?

The response has been amazing. But the flip side to that is that we're running out of capacity very, very quickly.

This DOES NOT mean that food is sold out in the markets. This is all about our capacity.

We have capacity to do about 140-160(ish) orders a day. This is a combination of the time it takes to prepare the orders, availability of packaging (boxes are becoming a problem!) and the number of drops a driver can reasonably do.

In the "before times", we delivered to large customers (restaurants, schools, etc). So these would have been much larger orders, but to a lower number of customers. Home delivery is the opposite; so we're trying to adjust.

We'd like to do more and we're exploring how we might be able to increase this capacity.

When's the best time to order?

To keep things fair for everyone, our process is to add more inventory to our site at 08:00am Monday to Friday.

But things do sell quickly. At the moment, everything has been selling out in around 10 minutes.

Can you do regular deliveries?

Unfortunately not. The system which we're using for this site doesn't seem to have that feature. Or at least not in an easy way.

We're not IT people; we're doing our best to cope and learn with all of this on the fly. Keeping it simple is important.

Can I choose a time slot?

Again, for the same reasons as above, this isn't something we can do.

The supermarkets (who are doing an amazing job!) have had a few years and a few million pounds more than us to develop their IT systems. 😉 

When will my order be delivered?

Order are going out from our warehouse around 7:00-09:00am.

Based on the last few days, we're seeing that most orders are reaching customers by about 2:00pm.

But a few have been taking longer and took up to about 5:00pm.

Can I choose/customise the items in a box?

I wish we could, but sadly not. Honestly, trying to manage that would be impossible for us.

The reason we went for two standard boxes is primarily so that it's straight-forward (and relatively quick) to put together the orders.

What if I'm allergic to a particular item?

If you're allergic to any of the items in one of our boxes, I'm afraid I need to ask that you DON'T order from us. Your health is the most important thing (now more than ever).

If you have placed an order - let us know and we'll be able to refund you immediately.


I hope that helps. I know that for a lot of those questions, the answers are mostly, "sorry, but no".

Honesty is the key for us, so we want to be up-front about everything.

Keep calm, keep safe and keep well.

Robert and the Team